The Wuzzles (Hasbro)

The Wuzzles
1984 - 1985

Do any of you remember the short lived Saturday morning cartoon, The Wuzzles? For those of you who don't, it's no surprise. The series only lasted for thirteen episodes before being cancelled.

The characters were unique due to each one being a crossbreed mix and match of various animals. For example, Tycoon was half lion / half racoon, Brat was half wild boar / half dragon and so on and so on for the remaining characters.

Hasbro impacted toy isles very briefly in conjunction with the series when they released six figures based on the series. The line was more so geared towards younger kids, ages 2 and up, and us such did not include any accessories.


Despite the limited popularity of the figures, Hasbro found a bit more success with their plush and storybook lines (both not shown).


To get these figures mint on card these days, you're going to spend about $15.00 to $20.00 a piece. That's a fair chunk of change for...Well, toddler toys. They are at least all fairly readily available on secondary markets such as ebay.

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  1. I vaguely remember these... Did they come out around the same and to compete with Care Bears and Shirt Tales?

    1. The stuffed toys did. It was Disney's response to the two.

  2. I don't remember these much besides the name. Being a combination of two animals, however, makes them seem a bit like the current Hatchimals minifigures. My 5 year old collects Hatchimals and looking at the Wuzzles definitely reminds me of Hatchimals as the Hatchimals are each a blend of two different animals. I wonder if one of the designers of Hatchimals was a fan of the Wuzzles?

  3. I loved the Wuzzles as a kid and one day need to get some of these lol. Good thing I don't mind loose as I would open them anyway.