Walking In Timonium Wonder Land

December brings with it the second and final Dave Hart toy show for the year, and so it was time once again to load up the car and head to Timonium. The typical array of vendors were on hand, and it seemed, at a glance, that most of them had found additional wares to peddle. Tables were chalk full of great stuff.

If this were my first years of collecting toys, there would have been a lot of things I would have wanted to buy. However, being on the tail end of my collection, for me, pickings were slim. I only spent $15.00 on actual toys.

While I browsed, I sent my brother on assignment to snap some photos of the show - something I often forget to do.

My goal for today's show was to pick up the remaining two Smurf glasses I am missing from the set, as well as, two comic books - The Amazing Spider-Man 229 and 230. The Smurf glasses I was confident I would find, as these are usually all over the place at this show. As for the comics, those would be hit or miss. In the past, there was usually one comic vendor there with boxes and boxes of back issues, so while I was confident I would find something, I didn't necessarily know if it would be those two particular issues. My girl also went on her usual assignment of hunting down McDonald's Changeables, which oddly enough usually get swooped up first thing by many toy enthusiasts.

Well, reality kicked in rather quickly and I was actually very shocked when it was all said and done. There was only one table selling Smurf glasses, but not the two I was missing. The comic vendor was nowhere to be found. The only thing which did get spotted, and purchased, were a handful of McDonalds Changeable.

When I got home and started checking off my list, I was pleasantly surprised to find that these six encompass the entire first series of McDonald's Changeables. There are only eight remaining which I don't have in the entire set.

I took another lap around a few of the tables, and while I came across a few Thundercats, I ended up leaving them there. The only one I would have picked up was Monkian, to round out my set of villains. I decided it just wasn't worth the thirty bucks the guy was asking for. It was the same guy who was selling them last time. He had no interest in budging on his price at the prior show, so I didn't bother asking again.

Feeling a little bummed out as I made my way home, we stopped by the local comic shop. There, oddly enough, I found the two issues of The Amazing Spider-Man I was looking for at the show...and then some.

Overall, it was a fun day out, but I definitely spent more than I intended to. I suppose if there's a consolation, I have plenty of things to read for a long while.

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  1. That place looks kinda awesome and congrats on the great Spider-Man score!!!

    1. If nothing else, it's fun to spend the morning walking through it all.

  2. Argh. I meant to go to it but was battling the flu all week. Maybe next time. Thinking of starting a GI Joe: ARAH collection now that Star Wars is a dead brand.

    1. Good choice. Let me know if you need a checklist broken down by year. I have one.

  3. Love the McDonald's Transformers. Fun!