Disney Plus Wants Me To Wait How Long?!?!

With the holidays here, my girlfriend and I thought we'd spend some evenings catching up on movies which half the world have seen, but we never got a chance to. Disney Plus seemed the best place to start.

First we clicked on Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. We were quickly greeted to a trailer, and then taken back to the main menu. I thought, "Well, that didn't work right," and clicked on it again. This time I caught the words, "Play Trailer". Above this, in teeny tiny letters, it said, "Available for streaming December 2, 2020." I was taken aback. Almost a whole year before this movie would be available, yet it was sitting on the tab for movies? What kind of bait and switch nonsense was this?

We chalked it up to no big loss, because after all, it is like the two hundredth Pirates movie, and it's not like they're all that great anyway. We scrolled down through the list once again and came to Tomorrowland. Once again we were greeted by the option to play the trailer. However, this time it stated the movie wouldn't be available until September 21, 2021.

People, that's not a typo. Disney Plus is seriously advertising movies you won't be able to watch for almost two years! What kind of nonsense is this?

Now I'm not going to deny that Disney Plus offers a lot of content. However, what kind of marketing scheme is this they have going on? Do they honestly think advertising a movie two years down the road, an old one at that, is the way to keep subscribers around for the long haul? If anything, it's kind of infuriating because it feels like a bait and switch.

I seriously hope this doesn't become a trend with this streaming service as my patience will only go so far with worms dangling in front of my face on a hook. If I'm going to continually be lulled in by movies I don't actually get to watch, I'm going to move on to a service that actually provides the entertainment their showcasing as an option.

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  1. I've noticed this too, particularly with the 2008 or 2009 version of a Christmas Carol, which doesn't come until next November. I know Disney probably wants to give folks a reminder that they own these films and that they'll eventually be available on the service after previous licensing deals are concluded but there has got to be a better way.

    1. A coming soon / trailer tab would be best for this.