The Devil's Rejects (NECA)

The Devil's Rejects

It's not exactly a toy line in tune with the spirit of the season, but as they say in golf, "Play it where it lies." This one came around the time frame of the date, so here you have it.

When Rob Zombie started making films, I really wanted to love them all. As a fan of White Zombie in high school, it really intrigued me to see what the guy could do on the big screen.Unfortunately, I found his movies were definitely not for me.

I know it worked for Kevin Smith when he hired his friends to be in Clerks, but sorry, it's not working for Rob Zombie. The "actors" are terrible, the dialog is corny and the stories seem to serve nothing more than a pornography of violence and mayhem. Granted, violent movies can work if there's a good story surrounding it - Natural Born Killers, Saving Private Ryan, etc. However, Rob Zombie is not an "A" lister film writer.

It's honestly no surprise that NECA produced a small set of figures for the film. The company will pretty much release anything that someone will "give" them a license for. While they get a nod of appreciation for the details and the expected quality from a NECA product, this line still falls under that age old question - "Did we really need this?" Like I said, the NECA brand is synonymous with quality, but at the same time, they waste an awful lot of plastic on toy lines people didn't ask for or want.

Well, I suppose I should correct myself. Perhaps I'm just projecting my own personal opinion on the matter. Truth be told, these figures fetch a fairly hefty price on secondary markets. Sealed figures can fetch forty to sixty dollars, while the below box sets can garner upwards of one hundred fifty. So to say that nobody wants these figures is definitely inaccurate.

It's funny how this always seems to happen with NECA figures. They sit on pegs for months until they're discontinued, and them BOOM, explode on secondary markets. The Devil's Rejects is no exception to this rule.

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