God Didn't Make Rambo...

...I made him.

Yup, I finally got myself a Colonel Trautman figure from the 1986 Coleco line to stand proudly next to my Rambo figure.

I love how the toy line basically said, "To heck with the animated series," and went with movie renditions of Trautman (and Rambo).

I also like all the awesome details and accessories packed in with this bad boy;

I admittedly could have and should have looked for one in better condition in terms of the paint application on the hands, but in my defense I didn't notice this when buying it.

The detail in the arm patches is so awesome!

The man would honestly be weighted down running into battle with all of this gear!

Turn the crank on the backpack to thread the looped bullet belt through the weapon with a clicking machine gun sound!

There was a downside to buying this particular figure. That would be that he also had a fully decked out Rambo with it and he was not interested in splitting the two up. So as Nute Gunaray would say...

 Now there are two of them!

If anyone is interested in the Rambo figure holding the RPG at an angle, he's up for trade or sale. I ended up paying $60.00 for the pair (Rambo and Trautman) and would sell him for down the middle, $30.00. He has all of his accessories and unlike Trautman has zero paint flaking or wear. But, as I mentioned, we can also work out a fair trade if you've got something I'm looking for; 80's CD's, complete and mint(ish) condition Cobra figures between 1983 and 1987, or complete Robocop and or ED-260 from Kenner. Hit me up with a comment if you're interested.

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  1. The facial accuracy of Trautman Is insane.The Rambo line of figs Is super underrated.

    1. Loved the line. I remember it being so hard to get Nomad when all sorts of Muslim activists got up in arms about the figure and had it pulled from the line.

    2. Nomad is on my want list now.I'd love Snakebite and Chief too but ,man,very pricey.

    3. That's part of the reason I'm sticking to the basics of Rambo and Trautman.