With Apologies to Commentors

So apparently my e-mail account has stopped informing me when there were comments on my site, so I essentially haven't (until today) posted anyone's comments or responded - Because I didn't think there were any.

Sorry about that!

I found a ton of comments awaiting moderation when I clicked the dashboard through Blogger and have posted all the non-spam related ones and will respond soon.


  1. yeah it sopped notifying last week, I was told that they know of the problem and are working on a solution when I posted about it in the Google forum . It's a pain .

  2. Are you having a really bad spam problem? I get an occasional one, but it isn't all that bad yet. I set mine so it only moderates if they put a url or a link in the comment.

    1. It comes and goes in spurts.

    2. Case in point - Just received five (5) spam comments in a row over the course of this morning.