Painted Memories: Don't Let Them Get Wet After Midnight in the Sunlight

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  1. My parents took us to see Gremlins in the theater during its original run and it truly scared the ever loving *&#^ out of my brother and I. So much so that my grandmother had to come to the theater and pick us up.

    Thanks for the memories, mom and dad!

  2. I liked Gremlins, it told a complete and satisfying story. The pocket book novelization was even better, as it was based on the original screenplay and included all the cut scenes. But then they had to go and messed it all up with Gremlins 2 which was so totally unnecessary.

    1. I got better acquainted with it during the original VHS days and grew to appreciate it from there and actually liked the sequel.

      Was it a cash grab? No doubt.

      Was the story a little over the top? Definitely.

      Was it bigger? Absolutely.

      Was it better? Nah.