A Lucatrive Trip to the Used CD Store!

Today seemed like the perfect day to trek out to McKay's Used CD's and Books for a peruse through their used CD selection. I hadn't been there in a while and was eager to see what new (old) stuff they'd gotten in since my last visit.

The trip turned out to be rather lucrative. I was able to check off quite a few from my list of wants while at the same time grabbing a couple I didn't know I wanted.

Check em' out!

 Arrested Development - 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life of...*Rick Astley - Whenever You Need Somebody*Bad Company - 10 From 6*Boston - Third Stage*Peter Cetera - Solitude / Solitaire*Elvis Costello - Spike*DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper*DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - and in This Corner...

 DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Homebase*Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record*Erasure - The Innocents*EMF - Schubert Dip*Heart - Brigade*Modern English - After the Snow*Miachel Penn - March*REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity

 Rush - Clockwork Angels*Starship - Knee Deep in the Hoopla*Rod Steward - Out of Order*Rod Stewart - Vagabond Heart*Tone Loc - Loc-Ed After Dark*Bonnie Tyler - Faster Than the Speed of Night

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  1. I'm assuming you look at these before buying them,for scratches I mean.I have a place nearby that puts those plastic locking devices on their used CD's so I couldn't get a good look at them until after I bought them.I assumed they had been tested and then they skipped In my car ride all the way home. Sucks,man :(

    1. Sure do. Can't be getting scratched discs that don't play. I check them all at the register before swiping my card and hand back the ones I don't want. Really makes the employees angry, but hey...Don't take in people's garbage and expect someone else to buy it.