Pew Pew Pew!

Super sleek.

Exquisite detail.

Sound effects. 

Movie accurate. 

Kenner's Blaster Pistol - Or as fans have come to call it, Han Solo's Blaster is the perfect toy for kids (and adults) looking for the ultimate movie accurate DL-44 Blaster replica and a fun trip of nostalgia down memory lane - Okay, maybe if it didn't have the "Star Wars" sticker on it.

If there's one complaint to be found, its that it doesn't actually make a blaster sound you'll hear in the movie. Rather it's a generic ray gun. Despite this flaw, there's a major fun factor to quick drawing the pistol and striking a dashing scoundrel pose. With the addition of batteries you even get a nice weighted feel to it.

I could seriously sit here and gush over the details sentence after sentence, but quite honestly that would get boring fast. So please, let me step back a moment and let you take in the beauty of this toy for yourself.


What's interesting about finding one of these guns today is that a lot of times the battery covers are missing - Which is a real downer. Also, the sound effect is prone to not working because the battery compartment has a lot of corrosion in it. I'm happy to say the one I have came from storage where it safely sat for 25+ years - Or so the seller claimed. Not only does it have the battery cover, but also working sounds - With the aid of two "C" batteries.

Perfect for facing down Darth Vader in Cloud City...

There are a few versions of this gun to be found. The one shown here is the original released for the first (4th) film.

When The Empire Strikes Back toys began production, Kenner replaced the "Star Wars" sticker with one for the new film. A second version was later released that replaced the trigger and grip button to a red color. The knobs for the battery cover were also changed, now painted silver.

In 1983, Kenner released the gun again with a black and silver "Return of the Jedi" sticker. It was released a second time with a black and red sticker.

I haven't decided yet if I am going to attempt to track each version down. As I said above, finding one with the battery cover and in working condition is a little difficult.

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  1. Wow that is awesome! I have thought about getting some role play toys myself (but in my case more lightsabres or the sword of thundera from the 2011 series or even the vintage if cheap enough).

    1. A vintage Thundercats sword is definitely on my list. That thing is hotness!