Krusher (Mattel)


You may recall us mentioning Krusher in our prior post on Gre-Gory from Mattel. For those of you who don't....Well, we mentioned him in our prior post on Gre-Gory.

Krusher was designed with the intentions of resurrecting the Stretch Armstrong line. Unfortunately when the line continued to fail in toy isles, Mattel instead took the premise of the character, and released him as a one and done monster. Sadly this tactic didn't work either,  and almost immediately the "figure" was transferred to clearance bins.

The premise of how Krusher works is rather unique as compared to many other toys. He has a valve on the back of his belt which when turned allows you to crush him down. Turn it the other way, and the character instantly inflates back to his normal self.

Because he is one giant piece of flexible "rubber", Krusher can be contorted any way you like. In fact, when you take him out of the box for the first time he's literally just a giant deflated ball. Simply flip the switch on his back, and contort him to whatever pose you like. When done, flip the switch back, and poof he re-inflates. This is honestly a feature we've never seen in any toy before or since Krusher.

Despite what many people who own one will tell you, Krusher is by no means a rare toy - Well, loose anyway. You can easily pick one up for $35.00 to $50.00 if you don't care about the box. It's when you want one brand new / sealed you're going to find yourself in scarce waters. In fact, finding one in the box is so difficult we couldn't even begin to guess what you'll pay if you do find one.

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