Gre-Gory (Mattel)


Yes! This is classic toy making at its best! Mattel's Gre-Gory showcases everything that is the beauty of vintage toy collecting. From the classic box artwork to the gory features on the figure, this is what any fan of horror related toys should be looking for.

With gigantic wings which flap up and down, and a chest full of blood which can be pumped around, Gre-Gory is not only awesome, but gross at the same time. The only unfortunate aspect here was that Gre-Gory was a one and done "figure" with no other creatures produced in the line. Still, he could incorporate nicely into a fantasy story with your other figures or monsters (more on that below).

Another added feature was his looped feet which could be threaded through with a string to hang Gre-Gory upside down - Which is totally the essential way for displaying him in your collection these days (if you have one).

Though Gre-Gory was a one and done toy, Mattel did produce other "creatures" which could be easily incorporated with him. Creatures such as Suckerman and Krusher (which we will look at a little later down the road) fit perfectly in size and style, and were also released around the same time frame.

Now slow down a minute before you go rushing to ebay to track your Gre-Gory down. Be ready to drop upwards of $250.00 for a loose one, and about two to three times that for a sealed one. Another thing to keep in mind is the blood feature on many loose ones seems to have stopped working - Dried up perhaps? What ever the cause, make sure you ask the question before buying.

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  1. I remember this. So much coolness.

  2. I know I've heard of him before but I don't know if I was aware of it as a kid. I do remember a lot of toys having the fluid pump feature.

    1. Personal fav - Mosquitor from Masters of the Universe.