Energized (Remco)

1978 - 1979

There have been a ton of toys produced based on Marvel and DC Comic heroes. It seems like just about every toy company out there has produced some form of plastic item showcasing any one of the number of iconic characters from comic pages. As such, it's not surprise Remco got their chance in 1978 with their Energized line.

The concept for the figures was pretty simplistic with each of them featuring some form of motorized aspect in conjunction with a "string". For Spider-Man, Green Goblin and Batman this feature was designed to showcase the character climbing. Superman's feature was flying, and Hulks feature was pulling a stone wall down. Like we said, simplistic - But it works well for what it is. These are by no means bad figures.

Energized Web Climber Spider-Man*Energized Spider-Sense Spider-Man

Energized The Green Goblin*Energized Hulk

Energized Batman*Energized Superman

If you couldn't tell by how Spider-Man got two figures (as well as a villain), and everyone else got one, Spider-Man was definitely the focal point of the line. This concept was hammered home by the only vehicles and accessories released for the line being all Spider-Man based.

Energized Spider-Copter

Energized Spider-Man Accessories

In addition to the above, we've seen catalog photos of an Energized Spider-Man Command Center. However, we have never actually seen the physical toy. It's possible this item was never released.

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  1. I was fascinated by the ads for those toys when I came across them in some older comics. I was amazed by how much they could do. I was a little disappointed when I discovered they were just inarticulated statues with a winch inside, but I probably would have loved one if I was a kid back then.

    1. Yeah, they are pretty lame in terms of articulation. Really nothing short of statues on string.