The Walking Dead Comic Book Series Ends As Of Today

Fan of The Walking Dead? Did you get into it from the comic books, or was it the AMC series that pulled you in? Do you hate it?

Regardless of your answer, tomorrow, July 3rd, 2019 brings the last issue of Image Comics The Walking Dead to comic book racks. The series will official end with issue number 193. Being the world of the internet, the ending has already been leaked online as fans chime in with their reviews and opinions on the issue and series as a whole. I won't spoil the ending for you, but for all the hype from Robert Kirkman and crew, it's rather predictable.

I personally read the books when their published in the hardback format collection, the last being volume fifteen, which collects issues 169 through 180. As such, I'm a bit behind on the series. The question is, will they release the final volume collecting issues 181 through 193. While I hope so, I've been burned before by the comic industry.

Overall, it's been an enjoyable series to read. However, with the AMC show so derailed from the original vision of the books, and actor Andrew Lincoln leaving, it's really no surprise that Kirkman has decided to fast track the series to a conclusion. Fatigue on both the books and show have long since set in - Despite its creator stating he could, "Do 1,000 issues." While season ten has been green lit by AMC, as have three movies based on Rick Grimes, I don't personally see how it can go on much longer than that. But, I've been wrong before.

Love it or hate it, the one certain thing here is the comic series is over - At least in this particular iteration.

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