Rampage Super Stretch (Lanard)


Classic arcade game meets poor action flick, only to remind everyone how much they love the game.

Rampage was a staple in my NES rotation as a kid. It was one of those games you could play for hours and hours - Because that's literally how long it took to beat. With its fun characters and easy pick and play style, it was one everyone could get into.

The overall design of these stretchable figures is spot on with their arcade counterparts. You can definitely tell it's George, Lizzie and Ralph when looking at the package. I also love the incorporation of the games original banner at the top of the package.

Sadly, the movie didn't necessarily help sell any action figures, and there were quite a few produced. This meant the majority of the Rampage merchandise inevitably got shifted to clearance bins. Granted, this was probably no surprise to any toy collector who walked past their pegs in route to the Marvel Legends or Star Wars sections.

Out of the entire line of toys produced for the film, these three by far stand out as the most intriguing, but even then, I had little to no interest in them. They are cool looking, and definitely iconic. However, as I said at the top, they really only make me want to play the game, not buy the toys.

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