Vincent Price (NECA)

Vincent Price

Does the world need a Vincent Price figure? Overall sales, and a quick shift to clearance isles claim nay it does not. NECA has always been a brand which makes some relatively obscure figures, and their 2002 Vincent Price certainly fits that bill.

We won't deny Vincent Price is an iconic "star". His voice has been instantly recognizable for decades of fans since the 60's with notable projects such as Michael Jackson's Thriller and The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo - And mind you, those are just two examples from his work in the 80's.

The figure features all that great sculpting, paint and articulation one would expect from a NECA product, so there's no denying there is quality to be had here. It's just that at the end of the day, what does one do with it? Let's face it. You've got to be a pretty large fan of the man to want an action figure based on him.

Reader Phantom Troublemaker let us know the outfit for the figure is that based on Price's appearance as Dr. Erasmus Craven in Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven released in 1963. This aspect could potentially draw in more fans.

The figure came and went relatively fast on toy isles as a result of not only its obscure nature, but also lack of appeal / desire for most toy collectors. These days it's a fairly common item on secondary markets. However, at $35.00 to $40.00 only one in about five ever sell. If you're looking for a Vincent Price figure - Rest assured they're out there for you to find relatively easily.

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  1. I think for this particular one, it may be the outfit that is preventing sales. As one of the mentioned "pretty large fans" I don't think it's such an iconic appearance to choose for a figure...but I still might see if I can grab one on the cheap!

    1. Is the appearance supposed to be based on something?

    2. I'm not 100% sure but the outfit looks a little too specific for a random selection.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! I've recently discovered your site and am thoroughly enjoying it.
    As soon as I finished this post I checked Amazon and, sure enough, there was Vincent for $35. I remember this figure coming out, but at the time I was hoping we might get a version from a different movie, like Dr. Phibes or Nicholas Medina. This one is based on his character in The Raven, which is not my favorite adaptation.
    I'm glad to have it now, though, as it's a fine figure and the important thing is it's Vincent Price!

    1. Welcome to The Toy Box! Glad to have you as a reader!

      Thanks for clearing up what the figure is based on. I'll add a revision to the post with credit to you.

    2. Ah, I suspected in the back of my head that it was from The Raven based on the gaudiness of the outfit but I haven't seen it in quite awhile.