Retro Spins: Shannon - Let The Music Play

I don't tend to get too much into the realm of dance or R&B music. Mind you, I have quite a few albums for those one or two hits of the 80's, but it's not really my thing. Such is the case with today's Retro Spin, Let The Music Play from Shannon.

1984 was a pretty happening time in 80's music. It was around this year that things got really good. It saw a lot of new artists hitting the scene, most of them in a big way, as well as, a boom in the world of pop music. It was good times!

Among them was new artist, Shannon. Her debut album, Let The Music Play, would not only go on to sell over a million copies, but win the artist her first Grammy Award in 1985. Not bad considering the competition.

As for the album itself, well, like I said in my opening statement, I'm not too big into the realm of dance or R&B. While I won't say I hated the album, I also won't say I liked it. It was okay. I definitely enjoyed the song I purchased the record for, that being the title track, Let The Music Play. That's a hot one.

Beyond that, Shannon really wasn't my thing. Couldn't really get into it, but again, didn't hate it. Overall, glad to have it in my collection.

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