G.I. Joe Beer (Schell's Brewery)

G.I. Joe Beer
Schell's Brewery

Prior to the massive Hasbro revival, and most likely unrelated to the brand in general, Schell's Brewery released the 1980 branded G.I. Joe Beer. Being three years old at the time, I had no knowledge of this drink, and not owning an empty can until around 2020, I have no clue what it would have tasted like. Suffice to say, it was beer, and I imagine probably resembled many of the common brands on the market at the time.

These days, the remaining cans to be found typically find their ways to fans of the vintage action figure lines, and because of that, are probably more popular than they otherwise would have been. They serve more so as a conversation piece.

They aren't too common, but still, relatively cheap when found. Typically, there are two types of sellers. The one who has multiple cans that they're trying to offload at $5.00 a piece, and the one off seller who is trying to get double that price.

Overall, it's a fun little collectible to add to your own G.I. Joe shelf.

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