Christmas CD Countdown 2023! December 5th


A couple years ago, or maybe just last year, I can't remember, I started packing away CD"s I was buying between October and November to have myself a CD a day Christmas countdown. It's like getting a gift every day leading up to the holiday. It helps tied over the excitement of the coming day, and well, it's just fun.

This year's focus was live albums, and 80's discography clean up. The latter meaning that it wasn't necessarily an album I had on my want list for a specific song, but rather to have an entire decade collection of a specific artist.

Today we come to the first live album of the bunch. In general, I've never been a fan of live music, but as of late have been trying to bolster my collection for some future posts. I've been digging through list after list of "the best", "the greatest", "must hear" live albums, and was surprised to not only see that options were pretty scarce, but that the same ones kept reoccurring on said lists.

Touted as Dire Straits at their best, 1984's Alchemy featured recordings from the band's July 1983 performance at the Hammersmith Odeon show as part of their Love Over Gold Tour. I'm actually concerned with this one, as many reviews describe it as slow paced, unlike most live performances which are typically full of energy. I guess we'll see.

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