Retro Spins: Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome To The Pleasuredome

I didn't really now what to expect from Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Well, beyond Relax (Come Fighting), that is. Being familiar with only their one song, it was relatively all new ground for me. Still, I was excited to hear their critically acclaimed debut album, Welcome To The Pleasuredome.

One of the things worth noting about the album was how, based on presale data, it was assured the number one spot on UK charts before it was even released. Despite this, it didn't stop the criticism it would draw for containing a lot of heavily remixed songs from the groups singles released that same year, as well as, excessive cover versions of other popular songs.

Truth be told, after hearing them, this album really didn't need to be padded with covers. At a running time of one hour ten minutes, it's a bit excessive in the length department.

Now, with that said, Welcome To The Pleasuredome, started out really good. I found myself being rapidly drawn in to its unique sound. It wasn't pop. It wasn't dance. It was kind of a mixture of both. Do they have a name for that? Whatever it is, it was kind of good. Despite its almost fourteen minute run time, the title track of the album really stood out. It didn't hurt that this was followed by Relax (Come Fighting).

As things progressed, the album dipped a bit, and then before I knew it, transcended into background noise. Sadly, it was lost among whatever else it was I was doing at the time. Though I would check in with an ear here and there, I didn't really hear anything that was saying, "Hey, come back." It was relatively lackluster.

Overall, I like where it started, but where it ended was rather forgettable. Still, I'm glad to have this album among my 80's collection. If nothing else, Relax, is a classic of the era.

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