Baltimore Comic Con 2023: Part VIII - My Buddy, And Driver, Dave Braun

As the date for the convention drew near, I got a call from an old co-worker / buddy of mine, Dave Braun, who asked if I had some time coming up that we could hang out. I suggested to him that my girl was having knee surgery, and would be recovering the weekend of the convention, which we already had tickets for. I told him that if he wanted to volunteer to drive, I would give him the ticket at no charge.

Dave opted to wear a mask. He may
have been the smart one. I'm praying
to, and trusting in Jesus that I don't get
Covid, or any other illnesses for not.

While I ran around in circles from table to table, Dave busied himself actually enjoying the convention. Well, when I didn't have him standing in lines for me. He got some great photos of some cos-players in the process. Granted these few were just the tip of the iceberg.

Being a fan of Grateful Dead, Dave's first stop off was to the table of Chris Miskiewicz, who created a graphic novel called, Grateful Dead Origins: The Graphic Novel. Though he didn't send me a picture, a compilation of Dead music was also pressed on a vinyl as a counterpart when reading the book.

While at Jim Starlin's table, Dave saw a print that he really wanted, so I spotted him the cash to grab it in exchange for a promise that he would buy lunch...which we never got.

As a thanks to Dave for driving, and standing in lines for me, I had Jon Bogdanove write up the blurb on this print, which he and his wife signed.

Dave ended up having to take a break after this, and I was left to my own devices for the next hour or so that I walked around. We left the convention hall around 5:30 PM, walking as quickly as possible on tired and sore feet, which wasn't as fast as when we walked there in the morning, got in the car, and got stuck in that good ol' fashioned DC / Maryland / Virginia traffic, made all the more worse by the rain storm that hit. In hindsight, though I missed out on certain autographs, we got out of there at a good time. Otherwise, it would have taken us two plus hours to get back.

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