Merry Christmas To Me


You work hard all year for your money. You manage your responsibilities well, and you pay all your bills. So what better way to say, "Congratulations," to yourself then to give yourself a little something under the tree.

This year, my gifts to me, from me, took a whole lot of thinking and consideration. In fact, it took so much thought that I was surprised that the second item even arrived on time. It was looking like it wouldn't get here until the following Monday, then suddenly changed status to out for delivery on the 23rd.

I can now set up all my Drednoks, and have them play around on their brand new Thunder Machine!

This thing is so rad! You can pack so many figures in, on, and around it!

Yikes, how would you like to be stuck on a road trip with these lot?

Regarding the second item, that was a complete nine issue set of Secret Wars II. I just haven't opened the box yet to take photos.

***UPDATE*** You can see them "HERE".

While this mini-series has been on my want list for a while, it wasn't a high priority. That is until Disney started talking about casting the Beyonder, and issue number one being his first appearance. I had no interest in this relatively "cheap" set skyrocketing in price for that simple fact, and decided to grab it while it was affordable.

As an "Honorable Mention", I also got my box from Valaverse which (unless there was an error) should contain my six inch Sgt. Slaughter figure.

This figure wasn't intended to be a Christmas gift, but the timing worked out perfectly that it arrived just in time to go under the tree. I'm looking forward to opening this one, and adding it to my Classified series. I just don't see Hasbro making a Sgt. Slaughter figure any time soon, if at all, and this one is pure awesome looking.

More Christmas related posts will come as the day progresses, so if you find yourself with a little down time today, please do feel free to come take a look!

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  1. That Thunder Machines looks outstanding! Merry CHristmas.

    1. Yeah it is. It was always one of my favorites as a kid.

  2. Ooh, I had the Thunder Machine as a kid. I didn't appreciate all the little details about it then nearly as much as I do now.

    1. That is what I enjoy about collecting as an adult. The different perspective and appreciation.