The Muppet Sound Trap Drum Set (Noble & Cooley Co.)


The Muppet Sound Trap Drum Set
Noble & Cooley Co.

When I was a young lad of four years old, my grandparents on my mother's side gave me a gift that changed my life, and consequently all of those within earshot. That gift, The Muppet Sound Trap Drum Set, would pave the way for a love of percussion, and in general, instruments and music. It was the introduction to this toy drum which ultimately led me to guitar, piano, brass instruments, and more.

For as impactful as this was in to my life, I honestly never really thought about looking into this particular item until I found myself recently looking through some old photos. It was kind of one of those, "Duh," moments. Here I am posting about G.I. Joe, Star Wars, and all the other great things that shaped who I am today, yet this one was way off my radar.

Though I received mine Christmas of 1981, it turns out this particular set had been around since 1977, when it was first released by Noble & Cooley Co. Company, a company established and still around since 1854! While they released this particular "toy", they're definitely an established brand for drum related equipment.

This was interesting to me because I quite honestly have never heard of them. For me, I tend to lean towards Pearl, Tama and Zildjian. To make sure I wasn't crazy, I did a search for best known percussion brands, and N&C didn't show up on any top ten lists. At least I don't feel bad for being on the outside of that one.

But I'm far off topic at this point...And now that I think of it, I don't really have mcuh more to say.

As a kid, this was a great gift. I loved playing the drums, even if they sounded hollow and tin based from being a toy. I have a deep appreciation for it because of how it personally impacted my life, and even now, I find myself smiling just staring at it from the memories that I hold dear to me from owning this.

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  1. Nice!!! I found an unsealed set on Ebay for $2700. Gotta love Animal drums.