San Diego Comic Con 2020 Cancelled

Though it's no surprise, it's still shocking to hear that San Diego Comic Con 2020 has been officially cancelled. This is the first time in fifty years the con has not been able to occur as scheduled.

While I know July 23 - 26 is still quite a bit away, it's probably a good thing that event organizers have made this decision now, versus waiting until later. This gives special guests, vendors and attendees an opportunity to cancel reservations, not scrambling at the last minute to do so.

However, with that said, it will be interesting to see how companies such as Hasbro and Funko will handle their already produced exclusives. If you had any interest in the various already announced items, you may want to pay close attention to each respective website to see what they'll do with them. I'm sure it will involve some form of direct sale on a specific day at a specific time - Which never works out well.

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  1. Bummer. Hopefully companies will still do reveals, even if virtual.

    1. I hope so. Otherwise, what a waste of already manufactured exclusives.