Q*Bert (Kenner)


Back in the day, before video games had any ability to speak, Q*Bert was still able to get his point across with hash tags, at signs and stars. He was the original foul mouthed action hero in his own block filled world. The character was created by Warren Davis and Jeff Lee. Though both were veterans of classic games, Q*Bert would definitely go on to be their most popular.

Starting with his original 1982 arcade cabinet, Q*Bert would go on to be featured in cartoons (Saturday Supercade), comics, as a cameo in movies (Wreck It Ralph), and within other video game ports - too name a few.

Coinciding with the aforementioned cartoon, Q*Bert was given the plastic rendition by Kenner in 1983 with little figurines and plush dolls, the most popular among collectors today being the carded figurines.

 Q*Bert Isn't Triqed by Slick*Q*Bert Gets Disqed Away

There were six in total, each featuring Q*Bert in a specifically sculpted pose / theme.

 Cross Qountry Q*Bert*Q*Bert is Terrifiq on His Sqateboard

 Q*Bert and Coily Qollide*Q*Bert Pitches A Qrazy Qurveball

Kenner also produced a wind-up version of the character, who when activated would walk across flat surfaces.

 Wind-Up Q-Bert

Lastly, there were two push "dolls" released, both in different sizes.

 8 Inch Plush Q-Bert

12 Inch Plush Q-Bert

Putting together a full set of Kenner's Q*Bert collection is quite challenging.Though some pieces are more common than others, overall, the set is scarce. Prices aren't too out of control, but at $30.00 to $40.00 per carded figures, there's potentially not a lot of value for what you're getting.

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