Star Wars (Wonder Bread)

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Star Wars
Wonder Bread

Though the images may look familiar to fans of the original blue border Topps cards, make no mistake, these Wonder Bread premiums were not from Topps.

In 1977, Wonder Bread struck a deal which would allow them to produce a small batch of cards to be packed in with their bread at local grocers. One of sixteen cards could be found inside each loaf, making this set challenging (to say the least) for your average consumer to complete if doing so based on buying bread. Fortunately, Wonder Bread offered an easier solution, where customers could send in for a complete set. As such, while these cards are highly desirable to may Star Wars fans, they're rather in abundance.

Each card showcased either a character or ship on the front, and featured a beautiful (if I do say so myself) blue border Star Wars logo running down the side (or bottom if the card was horizontal). The outer black border helps not only this, but the yellow banner at the bottom "pop". In short, these cards are beautifully designed. Well, the fronts anyway.

The backs of the cards are rather bland with their all white color and plain black text. Sure, it provides a bit of insight to the character or ship on the front, but at the same time, it's yawn inducing.

Like I said above, these cards are fairly common. A full mint condition set can easily be purchased for as little as $20.00 to $25.00. However, it is because of this that several dealers have taken to getting these cards graded. Though the majority of the cards garner an 8 to 9 grade, those few which have gotten 10's can go for $2,000.00 each! I'm not personally a fan of professional grading systems, but dang! That's a heck of a price jump!

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    1. These set is a lot of fun! It's always been one of my favorites for the Star Wars brand.

  2. I remember these. Also got some Battlestar Galactica ones.