Overhauling My CD Collection

Want free CD's?

One of the problems with dollar CD's is you can easily accumulate a massive collection of discs, which ultimately you don't end up wanting. Such is the case I'm facing.

Over the years I've accumulated several discs from bands I know, but who's music I ultimately didn't end up enjoying. Additionally, I initially started with greatest hits albums and then launched headfirst into full studio ones. Then there's the remasters which got replaced with original pressings. You see where I'm going with this? I have a lot of remastered duplicates, excess greatest hits and others which I simply don't like.

That's where you potentially come in.

You want them? They're yours. No money. No strings. Just leave a comment with your e-mail address, which won't be published. I'll reach out, you give me your address, the CD's go from my house to yours. Win / win.

At this time, I'm still going through everything, and no, I won't be compiling a count or list of them for someone to pick and choose from. It's really one of those take it or leave it things. You're welcome to throw out, trade, sell or otherwise part ways with anything you don't want once you receive the box.

US residents only. Shipping via media mail.

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