Retro Spins: Madonna - Madonna


I don't hate this album. I really don't. It's a great debut for Madonna, the queen of *$&^# pop.

Everything starts out with Madonna's hit, Lucky Star, and from there leads into another chart topper of hers, Borderline. There are a couple tracks I'd never heard before between that and Holiday, and then the album finishes off with a few more which were new to me.

Overall, it was pleasant to listen to...But...

The impression I came away with was the hits are the hits, and there's a reason for that. By no means was the album hard on the ears. It just wasn't memorable beyond Lucky Star, Borderline and Holiday - For me any way.

For certain it was a great start for the things to come from Madonna, and you can hear it in the tracks how she's developing her own sound which would become a staple across future albums throughout the 80's.

Having been someone who has only really focused on Madonna's hits over the years, it's great to be taking the opportunity to listen to career spanning tunes from her. I definitely look forward to hearing more, which won't be a problem considering, as of this writing, the only album I don't own from her is Rebel Heart. Why I've amassed such a collection of CD's, but never taken the opportunity is baffling, but an easy question to answer. Simply stated, I have a ton of CD's, and I'm trying to get through them all. More will come from Madonna in the future here at Retro Spins / The Toy Box.

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