Superman The Movie: Series Two (Topps)

Superman The Movie: Series Two

Here's a little follow up to to last week's post based on Superman The Movie from Topps.

With pack after pack of the first Superman trading cards based on the popular Warner Bros. film flying off shelves, Topps naturally put into production a second series. One of the things that confused me about collecting Topps cards back as a kid was how the numbering system picked up where the last series left off. My young mind could never grasp this simple concept.

Superman The Movie, Series II, picked up with card number seventy-eight, and continued all the way through one hundred sixty-five, for a total of eighty-eight cards. Each pack, once again, featured ten cards, one sticker and a stick of gum.

Unlike the prior series, which featured a red and white border, this all new set depicted a red and blue one. Personally, I think I like the original series style more than this all new one.

As was the case, when Topps began running out of images for the set, they began including behind the scenes photos, as well as, the director and production stills. The at the time highly popular Star Wars series from Topps was notorious for this, and it was all in an effort to pad the series.

There were six stickers released in the series, and with one per pack, it was easy to complete multiple sets if buying a full box.

Topps produced ten all-new foil chase cards for the set.

While this would be the last set of cards Topps would release based on the first film, it wouldn't be their last Superman series. Not by a long shot. Topps would be right back at it in 1980 with cards based on Superman II.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I had a random bunch of these as a kid. These came out before I was born but my grandfather was big into flea markets and I ended up with some unusual trading cards from the 60s, 70s, and early 80s as a child.

    1. I didn't have any Superman cards as a kid. With exception of Topps GPK, Michael Jackson and Star Wars, I really wasn't into cards.

  2. I have never seen those foil cards before. I may have to try and hunt a set down! Thanks for sharing.

    1. They're fun to collect. More so if you're opening packs.