Retro Spins: Blondie - Autoamerican


When I first started listening to Blondie's Autoamerican I was confused. It started with an orchestral intro then dove into a disco type song only to switch to a new wave style after that and then a funk and rap style. Sprinkled in throughout were also a mixture of jazz and punk. It was all over the map and every time I got accustomed to one style it switched.

Despite this ever changing style of music, I did find myself enjoying parts of the album. Its feature hits The Tide is High and Rapture weren't the only gems to be found here. I enjoyed tracks such as; Do the Dark, Angels on the Balcony and Go Through It. Overall though, it doesn't leave me wanting more. I could be just as happy never hearing another Blondie album.

Critically wise, the album's stand out hit was The Tide is High which was the first to enter the charts in November of 1980. The song wasted no time racing up the charts to the number one spot by January 1981. Rapture hit the charts that same month. This song to raced up the charts to take the number one spot by March where it stayed for two consecutive weeks.

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