Mr. Clean (Noveltoy)

Mr. Clean

I had a chance to nab one of these limited edition Mr. Clean dolls up at my March 2017 visit to the Dave Hart Toy Show. I passed it up even though it was only $15.00 and kind of regret doing so. While I'm by no means a fan of Mr. Clean or cleaning in general, there was something to this doll which was unique and called, "Please bring me home." A call I ignored.

Limited to just 100,000 if you are a fan of having a plastic mascot of your own powerful and dependable cleaning product which makes tough jobs easier, then perhaps you too should seek out your own Mr. Clean from Noveltoy.

The doll has very minimal articulation, limited to only the neck and arms turning in 360 degree motions. It's by no means meant to target the audience of major collectors and I dare say these more so sold as gag gifts to people.

There is of course that allure to the impulsive buyer of, "Wait, it's a limited edition!" Yes, that is true. However, so are all of those plates and coins you bought out of the local newspaper back in the mid 80's. How many of those are turning a profit for you?

Still, it's fun, charming and in a way its own conversation piece. I suppose in hindsight I wish I would have been one of those impulsive buyers and gone ahead and nabbed the guy. If for nothing else, it would have made a great gag gift to pass on to someone else.

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  1. How much would i be able to sell one of these for?

    1. $5.00 to $10.00 mint in the box. Couple bucks loose.