Beetle Bailey (Dark Horse Comics)

Beetle Bailey
Dark Horse Comics

I read Beetle Bailey in the Sunday Funnies when I was a kid and my parents had a subscription to that now very obscure thing known as a newspaper. However, I never really put much stock into the stories or cared beyond my visit to the can with the paper under my arm. To me it was just a way to pass the time while passing a...Well, you know where this is going.

As such, I didn't really pay much attention to Dark Horse's 2000 release of action figures with books packs - A decision I have since come to regret.

I have to admit, there is an essence of fun to this minimal line. The figures look spot on to their funny pages counterparts and admittedly I wouldn't mind tossing these books in the bathroom (if you know what I mean). Not only that, but these figures are a beast to track down these days. They're not expensive by any means, just really difficult to find.

 Beetle Bailey


 Miss Buxley

 General Halftrack

If you simply want the figures and don't care about the packaging, you may have better luck tracking down this seven pack which included all four of the above plus three more.

 Seven Piece PVC Set
with Beetle Bailey*Sarge*Otto*General Halftrack
Miss Buxley*Cookie*Lt. Flap

Beetle Baily, and Sunday Funnies in general are one of those things that as an adult I can say I definitely took for granted in my adolescence. I miss those simpler times of being able to pull the multi-page funnies from my parents paper, sprawl it out across the ground of the living room and just disappear into short, sometimes funny, often times over my head clips of comics. Of course, these days if I did that it would take me about an hour to get back up.

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