Roboforce (Galoob)


Robo Force was created in 1984 by Ideal and released and featured Maxx Steele, the leader of the team. Their enemy - The Cult of Dred! The line was awesome...

 ...and has absolutely nothing to do with today's entry, Roboforce by Galoob.

Galoob's 1992 line has no backstory. So any premise you want to instill is left entirely to the imagination. Here's one we've created which you can use if you like;

"In the year 8-0 (pronounced oh)-G, a group of robots suddenly find themselves rebooting aboard the floating garbage cruiser The Tyroarus. Among the debris, the remains of human bones from their once live crew, now decease for over a century.

A fateful course is locked in the cruisers autopilot program which will send the ship headlong into the explosive sun of the nearby planet Dagargo. With all systems unresponsive to alter their course, the doomed robots spend the rest of their fleeting days swapping out their bits and pieces with each other in an attempt to at least look as cool as possible before succumbing to their inevitable demise.

ROBOFORCE! Accessorize and die hard! New from Galoob."

What do you think? Oh well, back to it.

If you couldn't surmise from the above write up, the line features eight figures with removable pieces and parts which can be interchanged with each other to create any form of robot you want.

Cool premise. However, with no cartoon to back the series up or any real strong marketing behind the toys they quickly fizzled to clearance bins across the nation.




The figures are not too common on secondary markets these days, so it's a little difficult to pinpoint any price points. We've seen loose figures listed for about $40.00 each. However, these do not sell. Whether this is because the asking price is too high or there is simply no interest is unknown. It could be both.

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  1. I'm more interested in Robo Force from 1984... I had Hun-Dred. I always thought he resembled one of those hovering evil drone robots from the Filmation cartoons... you know, created so the heroes could actually use their swords and guns and fists for a change... They were on Tarzan Lord of the Jungle and later re-used on He-Man and the Masters of the Universe as Skeletor's robots.

  2. These are really, really cool! I've never actually heard of these before that I'm aware of. They actually remind me of the Ready 2 Robots that are popular right now.

  3. I never liked big,clunky robots as a kid.If they were sidekicks like T-Bob or R2 ,then yeah.The robots I liked as a kid had to have a human like quality to them like Transformers,Shogun Warriors etc.

    1. Having any form of story to "invest" you in the character is kind of a necessity.

    2. Shogun Warriors! The big ones! Those were my favorites. Mom never bought me any of the big ones... I got those after I was grown. Must post about them again soon!

    3. Indeed! Please do post about them...again.

  4. Sending you much thanks for this article. There were a few of these in a lot I picked up today. Once I finally figured out the line I went looking for pics, and you've got the best

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

    2. Do you have the Arachnor figure and would you like to sell it? I have the other 7 and I’d like to complete my collection if possible.