Retro Spins: Pretty Poison - Catch Me I'm Falling

Pretty Poison
Catch Me I'm Falling

I've always been a fan of Pretty Poison's Catch Me (I'm Falling) (the song), but had honestly never heard anything else from the group.

While the album (of the same name) was released in 1988 (oddly enough nobody seems to know the month), the single Catch Me (I'm Falling) started flying up the charts by September of 1987. By December it had already reached the top ten, but sadly by January of '88 was already beginning its descent.

Pretty Poison had a second hit chart in April of '88. However, the track only peaked at number thirty-six before drifting off the charts. It would be the last "hit" for the band and as a result of not many people knowing the song the group remains in one hit wonder status.

As for the album - Well, it's just not that memorable. A lot of the songs sound the same and while some are listenable, they're not necessarily memorable. It's because of this I really didn't find anything beyond the hit Catch Me (I'm Falling) to throw on my IPOD. A shame as I was really expecting to be somewhat impressed with the album based on how good the aforementioned song is. 

Not really much more to say beyond that.

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  1. I crushed on the lead singer while it was on the charts...

    1. Beyond the cover, I don't think I've ever seen her. In fact, I don't think I've even seen the video.

  2. So I go over to you tube to watch the video for this... 80s videos were great! Most of the time they were mini cinematic productions in and of themselves. MTV actually played these on rotation 24/7 back in the 80s as well!

    Anyway, then I went down into the comments and get to this one: "who doesn't LOVE the 80s?! especially if you grew up during them like I did. The economy was booming, people were making money, no shootings at schools, no constant threat of terrorism, no NSA listening to you, NO CELLPHONES!!, no WIFI, damn it was a great era"

    Oh man... that hits home... damn that hits me in chest. Damn right it was a great era! Damn right I want to go back! Damn right I wish I was kid again... <|( *choke*

  3. I wish we could go back to the 80's. Even if it was now at our current ages.