80's Nostalgia Comic Books

I've taken a slight hiatus from buying toys to really focus on bolstering my collection of comic books related to some of my favorite 1980's properties. If you recall from my visit to Fairfax Comic Con, my collection started, with a bang I might add, with the likes of Masters of the Universe, Thundercats, Transformers and more. You may also recall I am only focusing on collecting issue number 1's (at this time).

Since then, my collection has been growing at a bit of a steady pace. Why not? At a couple bucks a piece for most of the books, it's really not all that difficult to amass a fairly large collection in little time. The books themselves aren't all that difficult to track down either, thanks in part to ebay.

These books are so much fun to collect, and not only that, but because the majority of them have no continuity to them, there's really no specific order one needs to collect them in. Again though, I'm strictly focusing on issue number 1's, and I don't honestly know if I'll branch out much further than that.

So let's have a look at what I've picked up since starting off at Fairfax Comic Con.

 Air Raiders*C.O.P.S.*Star Wars Droids

I honestly know very little about Air Raiders. I don't think I ever watched the cartoon, and I never played with the toys. Oddly enough though, I did used to own this exact comic book when I received it as a gift at Christmas time in one of those Sears or JC Penny comic book packs.

C.O.P.S. has easily become one of my most recent all time favorite cartoons from the 80's. Probably because I wasn't inundated with it when it first came out. I watched an episode here and there, but never really made it a point to catch the series when it aired.

Star Wars Droids was out of my wheelhouse when the cartoon originally aired, but since then I've come to appreciate it in VHS and DVD format. It's unfortunate the entire series has yet to be released on DVD.

Ewoks*G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero*Inhumanoids

 Much like Droids, Ewoks is something I've watched in my later teen years and beyond, but never gave the show much time as a kid.

I've actually tried reading this first issue of G.I. Joe several times online, but could never get into it. I think I only wanted it because it was a staple in a collection such as this. I'll give it another try in traditional paper format and see how it goes.

Another series I know little about, Inhumanoids was also a series I never watch on TV or played with the toys.

Madballs*MASK*Muppet Babies

 I had a few Madballs as a kid, and they were impressionable enough on me that I've remembered them fondly all these years later. I'm curious to see how the characters actually act in a story scenario.

MASK was big for my brother who collected the toys in droves. For me, I watched and enjoyed the cartoons. Between the two of us, you could say we had all the bases covered.

Who doesn't love Muppet Babies? Even if you didn't like the show, the opening theme with its snippets from movies such as Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark should have been enough to at least get you to give it a chance. Though I'm not a big fan of the Muppets in general, I did enjoy the cartoon in small doses.

Police Academy*Silver Hawks*V

I feel the need to admit this every time I post something about Police Academy - I've seen all six of the theatrical films on the big screen. Mission to Moscow doesn't count as it was never released in theaters. I love the Police Academy franchise, so it surprises me to admit I've never seen the cartoon...Ever.

Silver Hawks is another iconic 80's franchise which I have to admit is out of my realm of knowledge. I was never big on Japanese animation style cartoons such as this, Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers and all those others I can't remember - Because they weren't my thing.

V on the other hand - Oh yeah. I'm all over this one. To this day I make it a point to watch the two mini series, and attempt to make it through the television series every few years. Love it! It's one of those franchise that really disappoints me to know the originally planned toy line of action figures was cancelled. I may have to break my credo of no new toy lines if Funko picks these up in their ReAction line.

All and all, not a bad batch of books. I'm excited to read through each and everyone of these...and it literally just dawned on me I forgot to post a photo of Alf #1...Oh well. Next time.

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  1. Heck, that's a neat collection to form. Outside of the really big ones -- Transformers and G.I. Joe -- it's not even too bad to try collecting entire series, since I don't think most of these lasted very long at all.

    Incidentally, unless you dislike him, I'd also recommend ALF from Marvel -- funny book, and it actually went on for a fair bit, even getting annuals and digests. It sustained me for a while after the show was canned.

    1. I have issue #1 of Alf. Just forgot to snap a photo of it. It wasn't a bad read either. Not sure I want all fifty issues plus three annuals (and a couple specials).

      Agree that most series didn't last too long, which wouldn't make getting them all that difficult. In fact, in some cases, it's cheaper to get the whole series in one lot then buy just the first.