Painted Memories: It Can't Rain All The Time

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  1. I remember seeing The Crow in the theaters and it instantly becoming one of my favorite movies of all time.

    During the summer of that year my sister was working at a mom and pop home video rental store and she let me check out the owners promotional copy of the VHS prior to it being released for the public. I remember taking it home, making a copy on Beta and showing it at my birthday. Everyone hated it because it had a black bar at the bottom of the screen with counting numbers for frames. It also occasionally flashed "For Promotion Only" across the top of the screen.

    Of course these days I own the film on DVD and watch it in pristine color at least once a year. The sequels on the other hand...I skip those.

  2. I was obsessed with this flick when it came out. I'm not sure why it spoke to me so deeply, but I must have watched it a couple hundred times in my early teens. Surprisingly, it never inspired me to paint my face and dress in black leather. I wasn't that bold or dedicated.