James Bond Jr. (Hasbro)

James Bond Jr.

James Bond Jr. was an animated cartoon series which was based on the beloved Ian Fleming master spy. In the series, Jr. is actually noted as the nephew of the famous spy of the same name, and not his son. The series ran for sixty-five episodes and regularly featured infamous villains from the live action Bond films such as Jaws, Oddball, Goldfinger, Nick Nack and Dr. No.

Hasbro released a series of toys based on the show in 1991, however when the show ended after one season, so too did the toys. As a result there wasn't much ground covered in terms of characters. Though twelve figures were produced, four were reserved for versions of Bond Jr.

Captain Walker D. Plank*Dr. Derange*Dr. No
Gordo Leiter*IQ*James Bond
Though most of the figures are pretty commonly found on secondary markets, the original James Bond Jr. with brown jacket and Dr. No seem to be the hardest to get your hands on. Despite this difficulty, prices have not peaked beyond $15.00 to $20.00 for either of them.

James Bond (Flight Gear)*James Bond (Ninja Gear)*James Bond (Scuba Gear)
Jaws*Mr. Buddy Mitchell*Odd Job

The series included a handful of vehicles that were produced to coincide with the figures. The most difficult to track down these days is the Sports Car.

S.C.U.M. Shark
Sports Car
The final item released for the series was the cos-play Hot Shot CD Player. What's interesting about this item is that it isn't a functioning CD player at all. Instead it's a cap gun, and the CD player works as the holster.

Hot Shot CD Player

It would be interesting to hear from some fans of the James Bond movies as to what their opinion is of this cartoon series. Do they love it, or is it considered an abomination to them? We wonder if it would considered to be what the Star Wars Holiday Special is to Star Wars fans.

Join us next time when we take a look at Buck Rogers Dolls!

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  1. I have to say I have been a pretty big fan of the live action Bond films as a kid and as an adult and when I found out that this show was out, I was hooked on it. The show doesn't hold up the greatest, but being a kid into Bond you couldn't have asked for better, I was hooked on the show and the comics but only had a couple of the toys which unfortunately are no longer around, but now I may have to search them out again.

    1. Happy hunting, Triple R. This is a great toy line, and one that was a lot of fun to track down.

  2. I actually had every toy you showed today when I was a kid. I think I only have a Ninja JBJr., Dr No, and the gun from the CD player prop left. I thought there was a watch as well, but maybe that was never released. The pistol from the CD player is painted black from when a friend of mine dressed as James Bond for a middle school Halloween party and it looked a good deal like Bond's PPK from the Nintendo 64 Goldeneye.

    Anyways, as a kid (under 12) I had never seen a James Bond film but loved spy stuff. James Bond Jr. really appealed to me. I read some of the comics and played the SNES game (it was quite good, if I remember). The toys were fun but were definitely created around action features. Jaws, Odd Job, and the bizarre Green Dr. No were quite fun, however, and the sports car was rather impressive.

    1. Great comment! We love hearing stories from collectors about the items we post. Thanks!

  3. I heard there was a 2nd series of figures not produced any info on that.

    1. Unfortunately we have no information on this. Sorry.