Retro Spins: Foreigner - Insider Information

After my initial listening session of Foreigner's album, 4, I had high hopes for a return visit to the band. I admit, out of error, it came time to listen to Insider Information. I say it was an error because my initial intent was to jump into 1984's Agent Provocateur, but accidentally started up 1987's Insider Information. Oops.

The album hooked me right from the start with Heart Turns To Stone, and though it lost me a bit with track two, redeemed itself with one of my all time favorites from the band, Say You Will, AKA track three. This raised the bar considerably and I was ready for a fantastic listening session for the remainder of the album.

Track four surprised me with a hit I had forgotten about completely from my youth, I Don't Want To Live Without You. This got added to my shuffle list.

Counting Every Minute, AKA track five, was kind of a dud. However, this immediately picked up with the title track Insider Information.

The Beat Of My Heart somewhat kept up the momentum, but was honestly just okay in the long run. I didn't hate it, but I also didn't add it to my shuffle list. I felt the same way about the follow up song, Face To Face. At this point, the album was starting to taper off a bit.

The last two tracks, Out Of The Blue and A Night To Remember, were pretty big duds for me. I actually ended up skipping both the tracks around the midway point because I just didn't feel like subjecting myself to them.

Overall, it wasn't a bad album, but it definitely went on a roller coaster with the ups and downs. I can't say it left me with the same excited feeling to hear more from the band, such as 4 did. However, I won't say I hated it. It was okay. The high notes were high and the lower were low. I'll leave it at that.

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