National Donut Day


Today was National Donut Day, and with it came a plethora of local donut shops capitalizing on our sugar crazed nation. Among them was Krispy Kreme, who had a promotion for buy one dozen, get a second dozen for a dollar.

Krispy Kreme's claim to fame is their conveyor belt hot fried and glazed donuts which people line up by the millions to get on a daily basis. That red light lit in the window tells passer byers that by any means necessary you want to turn into their parking lot now.

Would you believe me if I told you I had never once stepped into a Krispy Kreme, and therefore have never been privy to the experience that is a freshly fried and glazed donut?

It's true...Well, until today.

It's interesting that the subject of Krispy Kreme actually started a few days prior with another co-worker who was talking about making bread pudding out of their donuts for everyone in the office. This put them on my radar as I and another co-worker were driving together down the road, and out of the corner of my eye I saw this...

...I said to him, "Hey, look! A Krispy Kreme, and the light is on. I have never had one fresh off the belt."

I don't honestly know if anyone crashed into someone else as the car was yanked two lanes over, and flew into the parking lot. My co-worker was in sheer shock that I as a blue blooded American had never partaken in the ritual of the red light.

The line was long, and the place was jumping. The workers behind the counter were clearly in high gear, and being motivated every second of the way by their team leader (on the left of the photo below).

I must admit, in a strange way, it was both beautiful and hypnotizing to see the donuts come down the belt and be painted by a waterfall of glaze.

I know it was just a box of donuts, but it felt so different holding the box of freshly made donuts in our hands. My co-worker told me before we left that we had to eat one first to get that true "fresh" experience.

Holding it up, I could tell that this was going to be different from the traditional donut experience I was used to. Just with my fingers everything began to melt.

Words cannot describe the euphoria that followed with my first bite. My taste buds exploded with glee as if trying a donut for the first time. Everything melted in my mouth so quickly, and I found myself inhaling the remainder of the soft bun. Two more followed mere moments later as we drove down the road.

The sugary bliss was grand, but the sugar crash which followed hours later was like a true alcoholic hangover. Still, I regret nothing.

We commemorated our visit with a pair of coffee mugs to remind us of the experience. I really dug the nostalgic look and feel of the one on the left, but let my co-worker have it because it too was the one he wanted, and they only had one. He did, after all, buy the donuts.

I don't know if a plain old donut which has been sitting in a display case, or in a box at the store will ever be good enough again. There was truly something life changing about it.

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