Office Toys Surprise!

When I came into work this morning, I found a very dirty duffel bag sitting on one of the chairs in my office. As I looked at it, a co-worker said, "Look inside!"

Curiously, I pulled open the flap and found several twelve inch Star Wars Collector's Edition figures from 1996+. Another co-worker and I dug through the bag, organizing characters and sorting through weapons. Last, we set most of them up on the bookshelf.

There were more than this, but these were the ones which I really enjoyed. It was an awesome surprise and a fun way to start the day!

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  1. Dang!Those are awesome!And I'm not big on Star Wars either but those look like alot of fun.Soft goods heaven!

    1. Yeah, they're not really my thing either, but they look nice on the shelf at work.

  2. That's fantastic. Loads of fun!