Retro Spins: Tommy Tutone - Tommy Tutone 2

Tommy Tutone
Tommy Tutone 2

Does Tommy Tutone have any hits other than 867-5309/Jenny? No.

Does Tommy Tutone have any good songs other than 867-5309/Jenny? Well....

The album sets the bar really high when it fires off a double barrel shotgun blast of goodness in 867-5309/Jenny. Unfortunately, from there, much like a man fumbling to reload said double barrel shotgun as intruders in his house scatter, the album becomes a bit of a mess.

The remaining ten tracks aren't necessarily bad. They're just there. Nothing very catchy. Nothing which stands out. By track seven, all I really wanted in life was for this album to be over. Still, I pushed through to the end, knowing I would never get my thirty-eight minutes of life back.

Yikes, that's awful when you think about it. I lost thirty-eight minutes of my life listening to this album...That makes me shudder.

It's records like this which contributed to many people ceasing to buy albums. People just got tired of dropping full album money on single worthy records, and I don't blame them.

For a one hit wonder song, which is readily available on multiple 80's compilations, Tommy Tutone 2 isn't really worth dropping the ten to fifteen dollar asking price on it. As far as I'm concerned, unless you're a massive Tutone fan, if those even exist, you can skip this record altogether.

I guess with that said, the answer to my second question at the top of this post is, no.

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  1. When I'm demonstrating new software at work to customers I'll often put this phone number into the phone field. I'll say it as I'm typing. Usually takes a few minutes for people to react. Anyway, even though a one hit wonder, still timeless.

    1. I won't deny it's a classic. One of my favorite one hit wonders of the era. I just wish there was more to the overall album.