Alf (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics
1988 - 1992 

Fans who couldn't get enough of Alf in the 80's were in luck. Not only could they tune in weekly to the sitcom, they could also enjoy the fifty issue Marvel Comic series and its three annuals.

Each issue featured a digest style layout, incorporating a handful of stories in each issue with no continuity. The majority of the series was written by Michael Gallagher, who was a veteran of Mad Magazine, as well as several other "children" based titles; Heathcliff, Sonic the Hedgehog and Archie, to name a few. It was drawn by Steve Manak and Marie Severin.

Beyond that though, there's not really much to say. Alf isn't a super hero, he doesn't have a book with deep narratives or overarching plot points. Nope. He's just a brown furry puppet who lived with the Tanner family, and longed to eat their cat, Lucky.

With that, I leave you with a cover gallery of each issue from the Marvel run.

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