Police Academy (Kenner)

Police Academy
1989 - 1990

Fun fact - We've seen every single Police Academy movie to date on the big screen.  Who else out there can claim that? Who else out there would want to claim that?

Personally, we love the franchise. Sure, it's had its dud moments, but parts one through five are still very watchable for us. Six and Mission to Moscow - Not so much.

Between Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (1988) and Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989) came the cult classic animated series. Spanning two seasons and sixty-five episodes, the series would technically fall into place between the fourth and fifth films as the character Carey Mahoney is the main presence, and "leader" of the cops.

To coincide with the show, Kenner produced several action figures based on the cartoon versions of the characters. Each one came packed with zany accessories which made for very unique features of play. While some of the characters did come packed with guns or bladed weapons, for the most part, much like the animated series, the figures took a non lethal approach to fighting crime with weapons such as Tackleberry's Fistzooka.

Carey Mahoney with Samson Dog*Claw with Mouser Cat*Eugene Tackleberry with Armed Flak Vest*Larvell Jone with Bullhorn
Moses Hightower with Meter Reader Scooter*Mr. Sleaze with Foofoo Dog*Numbskull with Smashing Helmets*Zed with Police Skateboard

S.W.A.T. Eugene Tackleberry with Fistzooka*Flung High with Crazy Karate Gear (Orange Belt)*Flung High with Crazy Karate Gear (with Yellow Belt)
Karate Larvell Jones with Kicker Pack*Kingpin with Thief-Trap Safe*Stakeout Sweetchuck with Hide-Rant

Many people consider the Stakeout Sweetchuck with Hide-Rant to be a part of the Special Assignment Rookie subseries, however unlike those figures, his does not contain the banner for the series.

Undercover Carey Mahoney with Hoodlum Disguise and Sonic Boom Box*Snack-Attack House with Hoagy Blaster*Sky Glidin' Zed with Hang Glider

Captain Harris

Several vehicles were planned for the series, but due to poor sales only two were actually produced.  The remaining planned vehicles were; 4-Wheel Basher, Bruiser Cruiser, Crime Mulcher and Jailhouse Jalopy.

Crash Cycle
Crazy Cruiser

There were two playsets planned for the series, the one produced below, and the smaller Copper Corner which was only released in Argentina by the company Josca.

The Precinct Police Station

Join us next time when we take a look at 2000 AD!

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  1. I loved this line as a kid! I remember getting all of the first series of toys one Christmas and getting most of the second series the next, except for Sweetchuck. I never him or Captain Harris. I ended up getting house as a mail-away. I used that playset for years, typically as an extra building for my Jurassic Park toys or as a police station for RoboCop.

  2. We love to hear stories like this. It takes us back to our own childhoods. Thanks for sharing, Barbecue17.

  3. Here is a gallery with images for the Copper Corner playset from Argentina that I have, if anyone is interested. http://imgur.com/a/qJQ9N#0

    1. We don't normally post links to other sites, but this is incredibly helpful for collectors out there. Thanks!

  4. I remember being so excited when these came out. In Australia I think we only got series 1 (or at least I never saw any from series 2). I got all the cops from series 1 except Tackleberry. I couldn't find him anywhere :(

    1. It was most likely a scenario where the toys didn't sell well enough to justify stores in your area ordering anymore cases. Sad part about it is that this was the case around most stores in the USA as well. The figures were really hard to find beyond the initial release, and most of them ended up in clearance bins.

  5. I spent two to three years looking for these figures when I was seven to ten years old. I had the precinct playset and most of the figures. I found 90% of them in random toy stores marked down several times. They would NEVER have more than one or two in any store but I loved the play features. Never ever saw Sweetchuck or Mr. Sleaze. Never saw Hightower either. Loved the spring loaded jail cell in the play set.

    1. This line was certainly hard to come by in a lot of stores, and when you did find them, chances were they were already in clearance bins.