Milton Bradley Board Games Of The 80's

Chances are, if it was a successful franchise, companies like Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers capitalized on it by flooding the market with board games based on said hits. What kid wouldn't want a board game based on G.I. Joe or The Smurfs?

The games themselves didn't even need to be good. Most kids wanted them just because of the pictures on the box covers. In fact, most of the games played exactly the same as the next - I.E. place a player token at the start section of the board, role the dice, pick up cards when prompted, be the first to reach the end. It was brilliant marketing.

Though there were hundreds of games released in the 80's, below is a collection of some of our personal favorites. Please join us for a little trip down memory lane into the world of classic board games from Milton Bradley.

Those are some of our favorites, but what about you? Use the comment section to tell us about some of your favorite franchised games of the 80's from Milton Bradley.

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