Ooze-It (Ooze It Inc.)

Ooze It!
Ooze It Inc.

Here’s one a lot of you have probably never heard of – Ooze-It!  This little green guy was created by a family in Metairie, Louisiana, and quickly became their one and only product produced under their “Ooze It Inc.” label.
How it would work was simple.  Unscrew the head which came off like a bottle top, pour in the included red syrupy liquid which came packaged with it.  After that, simply squeeze it, and watch all the goo come pouring out of the various holes.  When done, attach the yellow strand plug to all the holes to keep the remaining goo inside.

It was simplistic, it was gross, and it was fun.

The company never went on to produce anything successful beyond the Ol’ Green Oozy here, and little is known about the group in general.  As of this year, the rights to Ooze-It have been purchased by Tokyo toy developer Yoda-san who is producing a larger version of the figure now known as Yusei Majin.

As for the original Ooze-It, it remains one of the rarest toys of the 1980’s.  Few are known to exist in their original shrink wrapped packages, and the ones that are can sell for upwards of a thousand dollars.  Not bad for a toy that came stamped with a $9.00 price tag on the box.

Join us next time when we take a look at The Shadow!

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  1. I worked in the toy industry in the 1980s, and one of my co-workers bought an Ooze-It and brought it to work. We all thought it was disgustingly cool, and were vastly amused at the notion that someone had started up a company for the sole purpose of producing this doll.

    1. It was a bold move for sure, but sometimes it pays off - McFarlane developed Spawn Toys (now McFarlane Toys) for the sole purpose of producing figures based on his own comic book character, and that paid off for him in spades.

      On an unrelated note, we'd love to chat with you about your prior years in the toy industry. Would you mind reaching out to us at thetoybox1138@gmail.com so that we could look at a potential "interview" of sorts?

    2. and kids thought it was the lamest thing ever. that's why it didn't sell.

  2. I'm from New Orleans, La., which is about 5 miles from Metairie,La. Where this toy originated from. I was a young boy who loved his OOZE IT. I would always get upset with my brother for squeezing too hard and wasting the GOO! Let's face it there was no Amazon in the 80's so getting more GOO Wasn't easy. Great memories though all because of an episode of Pawn Stars where it brought a cool $1000 bucks.

    1. That's awesome. I love hearing stories like this!