Defenders Of The Earth (Galoob)

Defenders Of The Earth

Defenders of the Earth was a spectacular culmination of three of the hottest series heroes of all time; Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician as they did battle against Ming the Merciless. The series ran for only one season which comprised of sixty-five episodes.

Coinciding with the animated show was a set of figures produced by the Micro Machine makers themselves - Galoob! Each carded figure came on its own unique cardback with fantastic artwork depicting the character inside. This is classic cardback representation right here!

Flash Gordon*Garax*Lothar
Mandrake The Magician*Ming The Merclless*The Phantom


What was fantastic about this series is how vehicle "heavy" it was. Galoob produced four in total in addition to the awesome giant creature above. There was definitely a lot of love invested into this line.

Defenders Claw Copter
Phantom Skull Copter

Flash Swordship
Garax Swordship

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