The Dark Knight Returns (DC Comics)

The Dark Knight Returns
DC Comics

Frank Miller's critically acclaimed The Dark Knight Returns story arc helped to forever change the perception of Batman for the majority of the general public.  Interesting enough, the entire series doesn't actually fall under The Dark Knight Returns banner.  This is only the title for the first book in the four book series.  The second is entitled; The Dark Knight Triumphant, the third, Hunt The Dark Knight, and the final, The Dark Knight Falls.  At least ten printings have been released which compile the entire series under one cover.

DKR tells the story of a now 55-year old Bruce Wayne who comes out of retirement to once again dawn the garb of Batman.  However, what he finds is a new Gotham City.  A Gotham City that doesn't necessarily want him - or at least the police force, and United States government due to the banning of all superheroes.  While no specific time period is mentioned, the book states that it has been a full decade since the last sighting of Batman.

Carrie Kelley, after being saved by Batman purchases a knock off Robin suit, and seeks out The Dark Knight in hopes of joining him.  She finds him facing the entire gang of Mutants, and helps him not only win, but get away, cementing her role as the next Robin.

The series also features such notable villains as Two-Face and The Joker.  The final outcome with The Joker is so amazing that we won't ruin it for anyone who wishes to read the series - In fact, the remainder of the series is so good we won't spoil it for you.  Suffice to say, if you haven't read this series, and you enjoy Batman even by .00000001%, you should check this series out.

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