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Alex Ross is one of the most note worthy artists in the comic industry to date.  His ability to paint in realistic textures not only on covers, but from page to page make him one of the most respected and sought after talents by multiple comic companies.  In the course of his career he's turned out critically acclaimed books one after the other.  His work on the 1994 series Marvels is no exception.

Marvels takes the reader on classic journeys through the history of the Marvel Universe, and retells the tales from the perspective of news photographer Phil Sheldon.  Though all the books are seen from his perspective, none of the stories follow each other, or continue from the last with the exception of the premise that Sheldon conceives and moves forward with writing his own book.

The first issue gives us a look at the birth and history of the original Human Torch, and how he was rejected by society even though he helped stop the Nazi's.  Book two brings us the events of the first coming of The X-Men, and focuses on the fear from society as they retaliate against these unknown new beings.  The third issue not only advances the main theme of Sheldon writing his book, but also brings the appearance of the Silver Surfer, and his warning of the coming of Galactus.  The final issue in the series introduces Sheldon to Gwen Stacey.  As he gets to know her more, and embrace her as a friend, he suddenly has to come to terms with her tragic loss.

Despite being somewhat retellings of classic story lines, this new representation of the work is amazing, and the artwork alone would be worth digging into it.  It's a pity the series was so short lived.

Join us next time when we take a look at our final comic series, Kingdom Come!

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