Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Mattel)

On June 30, 1997 the world of literature was changed as we know it. J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone took the media by storm bringing new young readers to the magical world of books (no pun intended), and at the same time assuring adults that it was okay to read novels targeted towards a younger audience. Harry Potter has since finished its literature (and movie) journey, and with it brought several iterations of action figures (and other toys).


While the books were the start of the Harry Potter rocket to the stars, the film is actually what the figures were based on. Each one was a decent resemblance to its actor counterpart, and came packed with a fair amount of accessories from the film.

Eleven "basic" figures were produced, with an additional four variants. The figures were;

Harry (without Gryffindor patch) (Variant)
Harry (with Cloak of Invisibility)
Harry (Quidditch Clothes)
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort (with Garlic Strand)
Malfoy (with Remembrall)
Malfoy (without Slytherin Patch) (Variant)


A small subseries of figures based on the Griffendor Quidditch team was produced during the series. There were only three figures produced despite there being seven team members, and one of the three was a second version of Harry, which was previously released with the basic figures.

The three figures produced were Fred, George, and Harry. So now that we think about it, technically there was really only one new figure seeing how Fred and George are twins.


Rounding off the figures in the series were four deluxe figures based on the larger characters in the film/book. The figures were;

Fluffy, Hagrid, Knight, and Troll.

The Powercaster Electronic Spell Casting Playset was the only playset produced for the series. It boasted that with it your figures could cast up to six spells, and included to packages of Casting Stones which were also incorporated into their own game.



During the figures based off the first film, Mattel released a small series of Classic Scene figures based on the novel. With the exception of Hagrid's Gift, each set contained two figures.

The Chamber of Keys, Hagrid's Gift, The Mirror of Irised

Shortly after the Classic Scenes line was produced, Mattel began work on a series of figures based on the second film/book, The Chamber of Secrets.

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  1. I remember getting some of these action figures when they came to shelves. They wee not the greatest things around, but all in all, not bad. My personal favorite of this line was the Movie based Hagrid figurine. I felt that this one was done very well!