Comics Corner: Marvel Team-Up 23


Title: Marvel Team-Up
Issue Number: 23
Release Date: July 1974


  • First appearance of Equinox
  • The first page of the story picks up from Giant-Size Spider-Man issue 1, just as Human Torch provides Spider-Man with a jet to take him to find Doctor A.J. Max
  • Lots of action to keep you turning the pages
Low Points
  • With Spider-Man's exit to the pages of Giant-Size Spider-Man issue 1, that means he's not part of this overall story
  • Not sure if the overall story arc will be relevant to Spider-Man in the future
  • Classic Marvel misunderstanding between Human Torch and Iceman - Fight first, talk later
  • The motive of Equinox is never provided to the reader, making it a pointless story in the long run
  • Spider-Man makes a cameo in his own monthly title, then exits for Human Torch and Iceman to take center stage
  • If Iceman uses his ice powers to make ramps all over the city for travel, what happens when they melt - Wouldn't deadly ice chunks break off an fall on people or property?
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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