Comics Corner: Giant-Size Spider-Man 1


Title: Giant-Size Spider-Man
Issue Number: 1
Release Date: July 1974


  • First appearance of  Anthony Cavelli, A.J. Maxfield, Dexter Bixby, Elvira Kaufman, Seymour Simms, and Whisperer
  • Spider-Man launches an all new ongoing series - Though it didn't last long
  • Reference is made to Marvel Team-Up 23, an issue we'll talk about next time in my chronological reading of Spider-Man
  • Death of Whisperer, and Anthony Cavelli
  • Issue contains a second story, which is a reprint of Strange Tales Annual 2, an issue that takes place after The Amazing Spider-Man 17
Low Points
  • The whole plot revolves around Peter Parker trying to find a doctor who has a new vaccine for a flu strain that has Aunt May sick
  • It's never explained why Dracula wants to kill A.J. Maxfield
  • None
Rating (based on a 1 through 5 Stans grading system)

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